As Glen Campbell once said…. ” these are the dreams of the everyday housewife who gave up the good life for me…”

   .. and that was probably my downfall for many a long time.

A traditional girl (believe it or not ) who felt if I wasn’t married by 20, I would be on the shelf.  So, I got married at 19; then again at 31; and then 36 and then two ( sort of ) offers after that.  Both of which I rejected on the grounds that I didn’t need to marry every bloke who asked me!  I was trying a new plan!    So now it looks like I am plum tuckered out of marriages.    I remain, however, a traditional girl, who still loves  in no particular order;

Sparkles ( ie Diamonds on fingers but not necessarily the third left hand one any more);

a man to take me out to dinner and tell me he thinks I look nice

flowers arriving by Interflora.

and some surprise weekends away somewhere nice

In the middle of all of these wishes I am trying to look after my family ( old and young)


Sorry about the slippers.  It was an impromptu photo call. ( I hadn’t even got the make up on.)  Father; partner; sons and girlfriend  (girlfriends who attach themselves to them either short term, long term or “currently.) … plus Shebah Dog and George the Rag Doll Cat.  ;

stoke my newish relationship, which is still rather good  ( my partner is the one at the back! )

 ( and perhaps because we aren’t married we still enjoy doing things together….!!) ;


The above picture was taken in Virginia Wolff’s garden at Rodmell.  I know we both looked hacked off, but we were slightly taken aback by a stranger who offered to take our picture.  She was balancing on the edge of the pond.  One slightly energetic moment and she would be ” swimming with the fishes!”

An assortment of family animals ( no, not those below, they are the Irish Branch!)family june 2015

plus keep an eye on my dad that he doesn’t say something inappropriate.  But at 88, I daresay he doesnt really care….

IMG_1298and  finally a range of sons who come and go;



At touching almost 60, I still run my own business, which as always seems to be the way, is getting busier now I am reaching the end of my working life rather than when I was starting out.  Although as Morgan Freeman said ” better NOW than NEVER!”

Hold that thought….

I live in a beautiful part of the world.

cycle 1

Near to sea and country and bright lights should I need them.  I continue to cycle to work with a basket on the front. The view below is the one from my office.  How lucky am I?

cycle 2

Having suddenly become aware of my own demise (!) as my destiny is still in a state of flux, I have become interested, neigh fascinated, with my heritage and am researching my father’s life in India and my mother’s slightly hush hush one in Southern Ireland with tales of IRA and Black and Tans.


My fella insists I could be one step away from Lunacy.  But what fun finding out…..I seem to be constant in my failure of most of the above and when it gets too much for me I take to my bed to read; write or sleep and possibly if I am very lucky, do all three.

I am though, truly blessed!

If anyone wishes to comment ( good or bad.. I’m a toughie and can take it) then feel free to leave a comment or two or even email me… always nice to ” HAVE MAIL!”






15 thoughts on “About

      • I wouldn’t dream of taking the Mick, my dear. Well, alright I would. But anyway, and as you know, two negatives make a positive, and you said: “I am most definitely NOT, NOT, Canadian!” So, it was ironic logic I suppose. o_O


  1. Oh yes… I remember the story. the version I heard is that the word is a corruption of the Hindi word, ‘vilayati’. which means, a person who is from outside – not from here.
    When the Englishmen came to india, we called them ‘vilayati log’, or people from outside. And, somewhere the corruption to Blighty began.
    I don’t know if this version is true, but you do have one to go by

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  2. Helo, looney bitch. I have an awful lot of your posts to catch up on. I’ve read your most recent and then found your “About”. I am now hooked and must try to do this in some form of order although, Mr. Wu has me a bit curious. Maybe I should work backwards? I do this when reading biographies, so that the main character does not die in the end (beginning). Clare


    • haha I Love your thinking Clare.. re Biographies. A bit like the Benjamin Button film which I have yet to watch
      Mr Wu is an Enigma and I have many tales of him; Irma from Panama and Lana from Ukraine. That’s the fun of working with ” foreigners” – we all approach the same problem in a different way. But I class myself as lucky to have them. You must find the one of Mr Wu and the Wallaby! I really couldn’t make it up. Thanks for reading though and hope we keep in touch. Ps – Glad you like Morgans Alpacas 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear looney bitch – Although I really want to start from your beginning posts, your most recent posts are a hoot. You’re right – you can’t make it up, but the way you tell the stories are wonderful. Looking forward to more of them. Thanks, Clare


  3. VERY Well written, my Dear Jackie! You see, as I go about responding to the comments that You people Very kindly put up, I visit the ‘About’ pages of people. And in Your case it was AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Loony or Lunatic Ok, but *****? …Too late to change the name of Your blog? Well, so there.

    Meet You in the pages. Regards. 🙂


    • Thank you for kindly replying. I shall chase you around the Blogs to agree or disagree with your thoughts. I have done as you suggested and changed my moniker. Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

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