More tears than an ocean

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I have been having a very interesting discussion with Farhad today.  I love him so much he makes me want to cry.  Farhad and I do a lot of crying together.
We usually manage to cry at least once a week, especially after his weekly Facebook post of the Shah.  He cries for the Shah and the fact that France and then us, by default, didn’t let him in. Because of this, his beloved Persia has fallen to ” infidels and shit heads”  His words not mine!  About this time,  he takes out a very white linen handkerchief and dabs his eyes.  This, in turn makes me cry and we both end up snivelling over the desks. I worry about him being homesick.  He says he will never be allowed to die there and then gets out the photograph of his grandmother who he said died in ” PERSIA” without him being able to say goodbye to her.  That is cue for another bout of tears, from both of us.  Its a bit like a Greek tragedy really.
 LM does a lot of sucking his teeth and glaring by this stage.  I ignore him.  He isn’t very empathetic.
The rest of the Office think we are mad.  Aladene doesn’t like him ….. and Farhad doesn’t like Aladene.   Alaedene insists on calling him an Iranian – to which Farhad refuses to answer.  Once when Farhad had enough of it, he held up his religious token in front of Alaedene’s face and growled something in Farsi at him.

Alaedene all smiles, as his team has just beaten Farhads! 

Aladene in turned shouted ” Allah Akbar” or something like that.  Its true I didn’t hear clearly, but I am sure it was along those lines.  Its a very sticky truce they have.
Farhad is a very snappy dresser.  I have never seen anyone shine their shoes as much as he does.  In the summer when I make him, ( much to his chagrin) wear a company Polo Shirt he still has his shiny shoes on, although he does stop at wearing shorts and shiny shoes.. that is far too much.  Instead he goes for an Italian Loafer, similar to Tomasso’s

My Sobbing Partner

However, I do think Farhad is also an Agent Provocateur.  Once, Mr Wu said something along the lines of ” its the same for all of us British…” and Farhad immediately said he wasn’t British but Chinese, to which Mr Wu said he was Hong Kong /British Subject in that exaggerated Chinese accent that he sometimes puts on.  Mr Wu finished off with reminding us that he was, after all, a member of the Conservative Party.  A hush immediately fell over the office.  Whether it was out of respect or confusion at this remark, I didn’t dare ask!
If its a really bad day when Farhad has the group or excursion that Mr Wu wants, then Mr Wu annoys Farhad by telling him that he went to a party once in Hong Kong where he met the own of Lacoste and told Farhad that his Lacoste polo shorts are not made in Paris on the Left Bank as he stupidly assumed, but actually in a Kowloon sweat shop and still sold for an inflated price to any idiot who will buy them.
The good news however is that I have to go to Cape Town ( again) . Yes, its a tough job but someone has to do it.  And, as always, I am happy to ” take one for the team!”   We have 45 French students arriving in February and I need to check everything is fine with the School there.  By way of contrast, we have arranged for them to spend two days in a local Township High School.  I don’t mind and I think it will be very beneficial, but the Agent is a trifle worried, so to reassure them I said I would pop over ( as you do…)
Also, as previously eluded to, I have a blood diamond languishing in a vault in Joburg. It was part of my previous life but that doesn’t mean to say that it should stay there forever.
The Pilot is due to be there at roughly the same time, so I shall fix a rendezvous with him and go and retrieve it. ( we both have to sign to get it out of the vault. F F S )   He isn’t top of the list of people I want to see when I am there, but its a means to an end.

If anything occurs to stop it seeing the sunlight, he had better run fast…..


 Its a very nice stone, even if it is ” one in the rough” being neither polished or cut.  I initially wanted a square one but fell in love with the slightly odd style and have been told that once cut and polished, it will look just great.

H – this is one I found earlier and is merely used for illustrative purposes.

Currently, I have no desire to cut or polish anything and aim to sell it on and try to get the tax back!  My main worry would be getting either that or the money out of the country, and yes, I have thought about driving up to Botswana and flying out under the radar!  As the Pilot will be flying down in a VVIP BBJ then he wont be subject to the same rigorous restrictions that I, flying economy, will have.  I have asked if I can cut him a deal and he take the diamond out in his Nav Bag but he merely looked at me and said ” Jacks.  Have you completely lost your mind?”.  I shall safely take that as a ” NO!”
The best bit of that time will be staying in Simons Town, amply looked after by my two most favourite people in the world. Wayne and Margaret.  I am sure you can work out who is who from the photograph.  Ho Ho     I just love these people to death and they make me feel most welcome when I stay there.
margaret and wayne

Wayne and Margaret.  Two very decent human beings.

Simons Town is a wonderful coastal town, towards Cape Point and is steeped in history.
  ( I attach a link for those who wish to know more.)
The town still has a wonderful colonial air about it and I covet the  second hand shops every time for wonderful gems from a bygone time. Usually, these gems are being sold by ex Rhodesians who have come over the Border hoping to regain some of that
” Happy Valley Life” they used to have.  Sadly, they have been relegated to walking, en masse, along the beach each morning, reminiscing about the good old days and bemoaning what has happened to them.  I don’t have a lot of sympathy, sad to say


And talking of crying, every time I meet them again ( my favourite peeps ) I cry.  When I first arrive, Margaret looks me in the face and says ” Hello, Miss Jackie…welcome home!”.  And indeed, its just how I feel… a homecoming.  I just love her to bits

Before I sign off, a funny story from Margaret.  It goes like this..
“Well Margaret, how goes it?”
” Oh you know Miss Jackie.  Good and bad.”
“Are you liking your new home Margaret”
“Yes, Miss Jackie, but you know I have to pay for my power now.  I never had to before”
“Oh really Margaret.  What a shame.  But maybe that was because you used to hook it up to your neighbours supply”
( she smiles) ” Yes, Miss Jackie.  Maybe that is it”
“How is it now, Margaret, that Zuma is in power?”
She purses her lips…” Miss Jackie, I have never known such a mess.  That is what happens when you put a black man in power!”   ( and you will have seen what Margaret looks like, which was why her comment made me smile… )  She looked at me and winked.
Its one of the most wonderful countries I have ever seen.  A great contrast of beauty. Gentle and rough. Wonderful people, and somewhere, somehow, its in my blood.
It really is my second home – faults and all.  I simply adore it.  That’s it folks…
I shall leave you with my favourite song, currently.  🙂    I bet you are all feet tapping after this…..
The lyrics are just brilliant.  Simply brilliant.

And as they say in the veldt….  Totsiens!



25 thoughts on “More tears than an ocean

  1. You have an interesting life, Jackie, notwithstanding the tragi-comic and oft stress-laden tales you regale us with here. It’s odd how we connect to places, and perhaps even cultures, yet without there being obvious and overtly pronounced links. I’ve just finished reading David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas which very much has that theme as one of its central conceits. I wish you well in retrieving your gem, and shall desist in admonishing you to keep your importation all above-board, as the last time I did that the contrarian subject of my similar admonitions promptly tried to pull the wool over the eyes of customs officials at Heathrow and I had to spend a whole afternoon pleading for his release and vouching for his ‘misunderstandings’ in matters procedural. I enjoyed the satirical Zuma video, by the way. 🙂

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    • oh H, you don’t know the ‘arf of it! I am a martyr to my staff! 🙂 The Zuma video is rather fun, don’t you think? In my previous life ( do you believe in reincarnation. I do! ) I lived in RSA with The Pilot. We had a farm in Namibia after scarpering from the Brits, as we were ( or he was) a Black Market racketeer for the Nazis…..

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      • Reincarnation is a complex concept, in its Buddhistic sense, and doesn’t invoke any Pythagorean metempsychosis, or transmigration of the soul. It’s more about chains of causation within consciousness, and how volitional tendencies carry forward in life. It frequently seems the case that children of the same parents can very early on exhibit quite startlingly different psychological dispositions, don’t you think? I suspect there’s more to all this than genetic inheritance. Actually, getting back to Cloud Atlas (the novel, not the film), this is again very much a theme that runs throughout the entire book. It is a whopper, but don’t suppose you object to that? The other thing that’s caught my eye of late is Adam Curtis’ new documentary Hypernormalisation, and although it relates to nothing we’re discussing here, I just wanted to give you a heads-up on it. Be warned, it’s well over 2 hours in length, so another whopper for you to take in if you find yourself in need of stimulation on your travels. It’s on iPlayer. H.

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      • So much to say….firstly, as I am a mere Cog in a Wheel, I didn’t understand a lot of what you said. Are you saying that reincarnation exists, but not in the way I think it. As in begating of children? I look at my boys and see either myself or their Dad in mannerisms. Anyway, how are we explaining deja vu? What is that all about. A topic for another day maybe
        Secondly, I have just had a heavy discussion with Son No 2 who knew all about hyper normalisation. Phew.. that’s heavy stuff and definitely dreary enough to slit your throat. So I will watch that although I don’t think it should be late at night after a couple of large Merlot’s. Cloud Atlas… is it fiction? I guess it is .. but based on fact. Believe it or not, I am not into fiction much, I do like fact based rubbish.

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      • No one knows if reincarnation exists, and I certainly don’t presume to do so. I’m not at all interested in quasi-religious cosmology, to be frank. My point was to add a contrasting view (the Buddhistic one) to the commonly conceived conception of it wherein our putative ‘soul’, or some immaterial issuance of our ‘self’, transmigrates as if moving through different dimensions of time and space. Buddhist doctrine posits neither any soul nor autonomous self-agent which could transmigrate. So, its conception of reincarnation is only the continuation of volitional tendencies, predispositions – psychological traits, if you will. It’s a very loose analogy, but if you think of a current of electricity as being the on-going stream of predispositions, as if that same current ran throughout time and space, then periodically a light bulb (which is a being coming into existence) illuminates, then later another, and another. None of the ‘lightbulbs’ transmigrated from one position in time and space to the next, yet all were ‘lit’ by the same current.

        I’ve responded to you on Cloud Atlas at my place.

        What did your son think of Hypernormalisation?

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  2. This escape into your world did me a bit of good this morning. I can see why you long to return to your friends and your empathy with Farhad makes me smile. You have quite a motley crew to watch over. You’re a diamond in the rough, Jackie. Your friend, Clare

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      • I will put it in my date book. I’m always looking for a good reason to return to Great Britain. Until then, I will have to down my fluffy ducks alone here at home.

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  3. Am I not invited for this pint of mild in straight glass at the Druids Head. Trouble is H seems a bit too intelligent for me I have found his recent musings heavy going – sorry H – but I have had trouble sleeping recently maybe you could do a bedtime story for me!!!!! Clare (or are you Mary to friends?) maybe we could slip away for a G and T.

    Looney Bitch are you in Prague on your secret assignment yet? X

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    • Birdie… H is impressive, but someone has to be. You should nip over to the Dark Side and join in the friendly and somewhat banal banter Clare and I are having on some of his blogs. You will like the one about football but don’t mention Chelsea.
      Yes of course you can go to the Druids Head but you will have to drink in the Saloon Bar as you are of the upper middle classes ( they don’t know that yet, so keep it quiet). H is more of your common man, bit like the Jethro Tull song…( fanfare for the common man) Clare needs a stiff drink. She has been trumped.
      I am off to Prague as o5 sparrows fart tomorrow. You wont recognise me, I will be in disguise

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  4. It is bringing back memories…..the dark side not for me I prefer seeing the light! H more of the common man ej he does not sound like it. Does he have a view on anything. Who does he support obviously not the Blues! Now Clare seems more my type needing a stiff drink who has trumped her? What disguise are you using this time! Not Postman Pat again!

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  5. H – regarding normalisation. I was quite surprised he knew about it and had already read quite a bit and had seen the ( dreary in the true sense) trailer. He believes the Establishment wont change and we cant change it. As case of resistance is futile. I like those sentiments, as they don’t see the bastards coming. Bit like Brexit 🙂


  6. Who the fuck is Donald? Normalisation what does that mean? As normal I am baffled…..back to my racing and football and my James Bond book!


      • Oh him…..I have tried to ignore what has gone on across the Pond nothing we can do about it omg Trumped! I have got it


  7. Well 008 are you ok……what have you been up to have you checked your room for bugs? Been at hospital most of the day for my pre op all seems ok xx


    • Thanking you for sharing with the world, details of your ” pre-op”. I am sure “H” and Clare, amongst others will be reassured to read this. Yes, back safely having done the switch on Charles Bridge. Cold but beautiful.


      • I hope you ok…..and are back in the real,world I’m sorry to bore you all with details of my pre op….did not think I had gone into details!! H and .Clare have not commented as yet!


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