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Well that’s it!  Summer is practically over and I am off on my road trip.  I cant wait… I think!  I usually have a bit of a melt down before I go and threaten to cancel everything. The Summer School has been wonderful and the students have been such great fun. I think its been one of the best I can remember ( for me, at least) in sofar as everyone getting on and bonding and the weather being kind.

road trip

So with the last students going on Sunday ( provided the dam Eurostar doesn’t keep striking) we are off on our sojourn.  Driving down to San Remo, via Fontainebleau; Annecy and Mont Blanc Tunnel. I haven’t been allowed to take the ” rag roof” , LM deciding instead that we had to go in a slightly more sedate style.  So I wont be able to wear my scarf wrapped around my head and tied under the neck to stop the wind blowing my hair.   But I do intend to get into the Italian way of life and have been eating pasta all week.  ( I do seem to have bloated at bit and maybe need to restrict it to once a day…)

City of San Remo, Liguria, Ligure, Riviera di Ponente, Italy, Europe.

City of San Remo, Liguria, Ligure, Riviera di Ponente, Italy, Europe.

A week in San Remo soaking up some sunshine and dubious culture ( I love the way the Russians decamped there and tried to make it their own ) and then over to Argeles for a week of cycling, followed by the route home via the Black Madonna at Rocamadour and last night in arty farty Barbizon.


I am certainly hoping for some Dolce Vita but with LM probably looking for the Sports Bar so he can watch the first Arsenal game of the season, I may need to act fast!

When we return and as our European Summer closes, we start to ramp up our Cape Town Centre. It works very well as it extends our season and you know me, ” any excuse to visit my second home!”   Currently we have 40 French students wanting ” something different” in February and we are trying hard to get everything they wish in just 10 days around Cape Town. A visit to the wonderful Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach is a real ” must do!”


We naturally have to work on the tourist attractions but in there I always try to get them to visit the local Township we sponsor.  Its always slightly grounding and I ensure that if they come through us, its included in their Schedule.   If you have a minute, please follow the link below and watch the video.  You may be inspired to assist as I was, but if not, you will at least feel rather proud of these people.   I find the community fascinating and I wish there was more I could do….Each time we visit we are treated like old friends and its always a positive experience.

Lastly, I also have a pink diamond sitting in a vault in Johannesburg with my name on it, but whether I can retrieve it or not, is a story for another day


Bonnes  Vacances….and see you in September, ( well, maybe! )


9 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be a fabulous trip, EH! I visited the link and watched the video – superb work, and very humbling. Well done to you for the support you provide. 🙂


  2. Thank you dear H. We don’t do as much as some but we always take 2 large suitcases of clothes when we go.
    S.A.A. waive,within reason, our luggage allowance for this reason. It’s been exciting providing g maths equipment for the new maths room and we donated 2 sewing machines for the ladies learning to sew. Little things but it’s nice to be involved. People don’t expect anything. They are just happy to see you.
    Count your blessings eh?

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    • Almost missed your reply as it’s not linked to my comment, but found it in the Reader. 🙂 That’s surprisingly decent of an airline to do that. ‘Count your blessings’, you say – I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t seem to matter how many privileges and comforts some have, they still obsess neurotically over their ‘first world problems’. They need to see what you see on your trips, and get a perspective.


  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyy! And they’re off. Sounds like some fun plans and it will make for great posts, too. I’m really interested in the Cape Town Center and will return to your post after this to view the link. Have a marvelous time, my friend and tell us all about it when you return. Clare

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  4. Bonne vacancies! I hope your road trip has only fun detours! I have only been to Italy oneed and would love to see more. I haven’t driven there and I suspect that you could blog about Italian life on the road. It is many time zones away from me in BC.


    • I was very lucky and had a wonderful time. Very few English and lots of
      ” ordinary people” I am getting my photos ready to bore the pants off everyone… thank you for your interest. 🙂

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  5. Your comment made me visit your website and I see you promote this area… but you haven’t been there?
    it is indeed a step back in time and we had a fascinating and fabulous time in Bordghera as well as Latte. San Remo is of course very chi chi. We may return. I looked on your website for a place in Latte, but it seems to have gone, or am I looking in wrong place


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