Alcohol and Mindfulness

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I am really enjoying lying on the floor.  I close my eyes.  Lie flat and breathe deeply.  I have even taken to sucking a raisin whilst on floor just to really get into the moment and relax.  Mindfulness! Eat your heart out – or poke your eye out if you are prone on the floor. So, there I   lie and just wonder when it will all end and try to drift away.  No such luck!

Instead of lying quietly and colleagues picking their way carefully around me, it has got one better.  Now, because they want an answer they just lie down next to me and give me a nudge.  When they feel they have my attention  ( ie I either open my eyes and look their way or I say ” hmmmm?”) they begin their quest.

“Do we need more bus tickets?”

” Who is going with the group to Hampton Court?”

” Do we need another Animateur with the French Juniors?” and so on and so on

I duly answer their question and they then get up and go about my day.  Its no big deal and almost as if my office has been transported to the space next to the Printer.. its where I currently lie.  Although its not very quiet, it is out of the direct sun.  A blessing in some things, eh?

Anyway Tonight is Disco Night.  Something not to the missed.  I have dragged in Son Number 3 to be another Responsible Adult for the kids at the Disco.  Its a No Alcohol Disco, but don’t let that put you off, because the Darlings get it anyway!


Having done almost the equivalent of a strip search before they got on the Bus, I felt sure that we had removed all offending bottles and on they went.  Whilst queuing outside said disco, Number 3 Son text me to say they have just confiscated alcohol from one of the Italian students.

” which one?” I ask

” the one with a dodgy haircut and a beard!”…….

I know immediately who this is and am surprised as its the boy who got lost on the bus and ended up 15 miles from home on the wrong route. Oh yes, and in tears.   Still waters and all that

We do have a zero tolerance policy but I don’t think they care.  They read it and ignore it.  Last year we had a boy sign up for 6 weeks.  His mum was a high flying Journalist from Milan.  He was here for 3 days before I found him flat out on the pavement having taking a ” legal high!”.  Not sure where he got it but it wasn’t going to happen again… well not on my watch.  I called Mama and she said ” really?…. oh well, never mind.  I shall talk to him!”

Much hacked off she was when I said ” Nope… we don’t do talks, except on the first day when we tell them and show them zero tolerance for



Knives ( except if you are from Paris and want to throw a pen knife at Cherry Much Humper then that is allowed !)

Is important to be firm when all around are testing you… and there is nothing more testing than a kid from Milano.  Believe you, me!

Anyway back to the disco.  Number 3 Son and Alaedene are doing the alcohol check.  One bottle removed and the rest makes for a slow night.

Now all we have to do is get 93 kids on the last bus home.  So we hope for a kindly bus driver who cant count too well so we squash them on and hope they all keep quiet

bus home

Meanwhile, we get ready for the Moroccans.  They arrive Sunday.

Salam Alaikum  and all that jazz.  Until next time….



15 thoughts on “Alcohol and Mindfulness

  1. Zero tolerance – so important. That is part of the policy when I work with youth groups on residentials (and the same points; drugs, alcohol and knives/violence). Once the first one is sent home, the others seem to get the idea.


    • Although it seems a bit of a lash up here, its all rather belt and braces. We do a daily register each day and we do enforce the zero tolerance one everything, save for fun. I have to play Good Cop and Irma, of course is Bad Cop

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  2. I don’t blame you at all for being strict. It’s dangerous for the young people themselves and also for your business. One stupid incident and panicked parents could stop their kids from coming to the school.


  3. You have some very good coping mechanisms going on , there. I think lying down on the job is brilliant and wish I weren’t retired so that I could use it myself. Not!
    Ah yes, chaperoning dances – another of my favorite duties brought to mind.And again, I am amazed at your quiet, firm handling of the situations you find yourself in the middle of. Methinks you are in dire need of a fun vacation, my friend. Well earned! PS – Irma should be due for a raise!

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    • No raise for Irma. We are heading for a recession….and a drop in the pound. She will be lucky if she still has a job by the time its all finished. Holiday booked. Sort of excited…

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      • Ah, I will have to stop by your blog and catch up. Sorry, Irma. But maybe next year? Clare


  4. Very interesting blog
    I love your style of putting in words to create interesting read. your about page is well written too. love the way you have described your journey!
    Btw what do you do?


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