Alaedene blows the budget….

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Sometimes when I walked into the Office I think I am at International Departures, Dubai.  Its a case of ” spot the English person” and its nothing to do with Brexit or illegal Migrants.  Its just another day in the office.

Out of the 8 people in the office, ( excluding our Teachers) we only have 3 English people.  It makes for a great mix and lots of Latin outbursts or North European coolness.  Currently with Summer School just under way its all rather frantic and by 10.00am I am looking for some headache pills.  Yes, I am taking lots of water but it doesn’t seem to help.   The deep breathing and lying on the floor for a few minutes doesn’t help either.   Not only does not one take any notice of me on the floor but they neatly step over me without offering any assistance.

Lana ( from Ukraine) has taken to walking around the office with a headet permanently attached to her head and sometimes ( well quite often actually) she forgets to unplug it from the phone and the said phone ends up dragging along behind her whilst she makes a double espresso or has a comfort break.  Thing is, she doesn’t often notice until its too late and eventually she is going to pull the whole thing off the wall and we will be ” without comms”  ( although at times it does have a certain cache about it).



You may remember she had a bad day once and instead of photocopying the Certificates, she shredded them.  Allegedly by mistake.  After standing at the machine for twenty minutes she complained the photocopier was slow as the Certificates had not come out, but in fact they were in pieces in said shredder.  I have forgiven her….

Irma who now has an ally  in   swamiyesudas    ( do read his super blogs) has been tightly controlling the Petty Cash and the buzz words throughout the office are ” respect the budget”.   But more of that later.

She also thought she should take the parents of one of the students to task by telling him that he should not hang around his daughter when she is on a course with us.  To be fair she is right, but telling him in such a blunt way may not be ideal.  She told him that he was welcome to join the group to Hampton Course provided he didn’t hang around with the main group but could just hitch a ride with us.  The poor old Papa was so scared by her that when I assembled the group this morning I noticed that he was waiting across the road.  As we moved out to cross the road, he saw us coming and picked up speed ensuring that in no way could Irma determine that he was ” with the group”.



By the time we had arrived at the train station he had already bought his ticket; purchased a skinny Latte macchiato and devoured most of the Metro newspaper.  Poor man, he probably will be scared to talk to his daughter all day now.  It was her first time away and so worried about her, was he, that he asked to be placed in the same host family as her and wanted to sit in on lessons.  Well we didn’t allow him to sit in on lessons or come with us on  the bike ride, but its a shame he is cramping her style as we really want her to mix with the others and make new friends.

cycling marina

Day 1….. none of these kids above had met each other before but you can see how well they have ” bonded!”  ( hate that phrase, it makes them sound like a stick of Glue)  So it was great to see Papa let his little girl come with us and gain some confidence.

Anyway back to Irma  and she really does seem to have taken on a terrifyingly new persona now that she is in charge of, not only our Spanish Department but the booking of all activities.  She has made some great savings on both Hampton Court and Spinaker Tower at Portsmouth but I fear its only because she is bullying the people at the other end to give us ” great rate. great rate”.   In my quieter moments I am pleased.  Any savings we can make are always good.   But before any of the Activity Leaders can go out on trips she gives them strict instructions on what to spend; what to do and when to breathe.   Below is Alaedene ( yes my trainee Pilot moon lights for us in the summer whislt his college is closed ) explaining to Irma that he did indeed buy 45 Magnums yesterday for the students because it was hot.  


After he had explained why he did this , she grunted and said ” well at least its raining today, so you wont over spend!”

And finally…

for those of you who are curious about Mr Wu, who has as you know taken a sabbatical, we have found him here….

mr wu

and so if you are ever in London, be sure to visit.

MSM – GUARANTEED!!  16c47-smileyfacewinking







17 thoughts on “Alaedene blows the budget….

      • You are both very witty and clever and I will remain out of this repartee. But I did think Aeledene incredibly generous, although a bit imprudent, buying liquor for teenagers. I’m relieved to have that notion quashed. And,lastly, I’m extremely attracted to Smart Alecs which may explain why I love to read your comments. Clare

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    • Mick – I read that and pondered whilst I lay on the floor today. I thought about this quite hard. Where is the difference between being conscientious and a take over bid? I shall watch her with interest

      Liked by 1 person

      • ‘Where is the difference between being conscientious and a take over bid?’ – at any other time I might be tempted into a political analogy, but just at the moment I think that would be unwise!

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      • oh please, please, reply and enliven this dreary blog. I think she is very conscientious. I think she wants us to be busy and I feel I am very lucky. yes, sometimes she does over step the mark, but I know that its without malice and she wants us to succeed. However you take might be more political. So I say…. Good news for Brexit.

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      • Yes, lucky old Brexit. Quite a popular guy. Haven’t heard him yet, but I’ll catch up with ‘Stars in their eyes’ soon. Silly name, though…


  1. Now, I truly believe everyone needs an Irma. I could have used one during my 4 cafeteria duty periods. And I am truly relieved that you have found Mr. Wu. Maybe Irma can talk (bully) him into some free lunches for everybody. That will cut your budget in half! My opinion on the shredding is that there is way too much paper to be filed and Lana has solved this problem admirably. (For her, not you.) You certainly are in need of a vacation and it sounds like your plans are going forward. Have lots of fun! Clare


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