Lexi is “back in the room”

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I survived on a few hours sleep last night.  Having done the horrendous drive to LONDON, as all the trains were down yesterday due to the inclement weather, from the south cost. We arrived at the o2 building just in time to see Barry Manilow take to the stage.  Having been an on/off fan for quite some forty years, it was a great night, although I do remain rather dubious about women of a certain age waving luminous green sticks around in the darkness.  I remained firmly seated; feet tapping ever so slightly and finally gave in when Copacabana came on.

So by the time we got home and turned the TV on, we could see that the Brexit was going to be a reality and it was so exciting I couldn’t sleep.  After a couple of hours recuperating, it was wonderful to see that we are leaving.  Britain COULD be Great again and change is always good.  ( sad that Cameron is off, but there we go. Cant have everything)   I truly believe that once in a while you need to put your head over the parapets and see what else is out there.  We don’t have much of a military any more and Russian could quite easily wander down and invade us and its very likely that the French will lift their barriers and help the Migrants across La Manche, but I still remain optimistic ( and that’s from a woman who makes her living educating students from the old EU)


I started my day on the back burner and more so as I was the only one in the office, interestingly, who voted to leave! Yes, I know my office comprises of (legal) Migrants but it was still odd.   Will the Brexit affect me? Possibly. Probably. But in truth what the heck can you do with something until it happens?  Anyway we had a busy day.  Summer School starts tomorrow and that’s a whole new beast to what we had had in up to now

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School groups of 50 plus kids at a time are rotated to individuals from across the Globe.  We will have to deal with Ramadan; rich Russian kids who demand an en suite bathroom; Chinese who wont mix; volatile Spanish and insular Japanese. Oh and the French who just shrug their shoulders. Yes, yes, maybe I am typecasting but I want to engage with you  the many events we will encounter during the next eight weeks.

So, who are we gonna call ( to help us us.. ) ???


Lexi, of course   🙂   🙂

 Yes, Lexi is back in the room!  Who is Lexi, I hear you ask ( well those of you who may be interested?)  Lexi, real name Aleksandra, ( Aleks to her friend) is Number 2 son’s ex girlfriend.  (Still with me?)  She comes to us each summer and does amazing things around the Summer School.  She is Polish, so you probably already have a picture. A hard worker and great fun to boot!  She came to England 5 years ago speaking little English.  Today, she is at University taking a degree in Theatre/Stage Make up and Design.  Not bad for a kid from Poland who didn’t have more than 3 words of English.  When the relationship between her and No 2 son failed, he insisted I sack her. But I didn’t want to.  She is an admirable Worker Bee; amazing with our media and brilliant with the students.  Who would want to sack her? Amazing energy; a great zest for life. Fun… oh I could go on.  And anyway, I love her to bits.  My surrogate daughter that I didn’t have.    No 2 Son remains 2 hacked off” she is still in residence.  Oh well…..

So Summer School is starting.  The sun will come out and slowly, very slowly, I feel the malaise like a mantle, slip away

Oh and for those of you interested in our summer sojourn its going to be Bodrum.  Its going to be hot; hot; hot but it will be great to laze in the sun; sleep; read and swim.


All good..all so very good.

Our Junior Group below, who have just arrived.  “Is it always this cold?” they asked…

Hang onto your hats.  It can only get worse…..

irmas group





10 thoughts on “Lexi is “back in the room”

  1. Lexi is great fun. She always makes me smile. Bit of a volatile mix with No 2 son, sadly.
    Yes Barry Manilow is 73 years old but he was really terrific. I was amazed.
    I am happy with Brexit because people/things/life gets complacent and you need to shake the tree from time to time. Anyway, its all new. Who is to say it is bad? But I think it gets rid of the Hangers on in Brussels – the MEPs ( get a job!) We have more freedom and I just think everyone should change things about from time to time. Change is GOOD. ( you read it here first) 🙂


  2. I’m pleased to hear you’re feeling more positive in general, LB. 🙂 As far as the referendum goes, then we can expect things to be a little volatile on the political stage, but it will settle down, I feel sure. Business will get done, and the Queen of Europe has already said as much, reading between the lines she spoke after the result was announced. There are plenty who have their noses out of joint, and are complaining that democracy didn’t work, which is a bit rich. And the MSM are milking the fear angle for all it’s worth, having largely called it wrong in the first place – both in terms of the result and what was the ‘right’ choice. I personally think the EU is in its death throes anyway, at least, as a framework for supra-national corporates operating within Neoliberalist imperatives.

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    • Dear Hariod, I agree 100% with you. Its very odd that you give the people what they want and they are still not happy. My friend is sending around a Petition asking for a second chance… and when I said, we had a democratic vote and we are leaving, She said,
      ” so if we are a democracy we can ask for another vote”. So lets keep going until we get what we want. Totally witless. ( rant over) and Yes, am now excited about the Summer School ( its always fun ) even if the weather isn’t playing ball.

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      • A problem your friend would have, even if a second referendum were granted, is that of closing the gap sufficiently in England. She may feel that a 4% gap could be closed, but consider this: the vote in England was 53.2% for leave vs. 46.8% for remain. That would require a 6.4% swing just to match the leave vote, and within such a short timeframe that would be inconceivable. More, to claim any kind of victory, in England, then by her own logic the 2nd. referendum would need something in excess of a 5% lead – in other words, a swing of around 12%! If that weren’t achieved, then all the second vote succeeds in doing is fomenting further social unrest in England. I keep stressing that I’m talking about England here, you’ll note, given that powerful figures in Scotland and N. Ireland are already mooting separation from the U.K.


  3. I am always interested to better understand how the people, (in this case, you) truly feel about such an important decision. I can also understand wanting change. Does this mean that all those enjoying the good life in sunny Portugal, for example, have to return “home”? Thought provoking post!


    • oh its all getting rather tedious. You ask people what they want and then they vote. Interesingly the people complaining are NOT the ones who wanted to stay in but the ones who voted to leave, Now they have got what they want, they are not whining and asking for a second chance. W.T.F??? So there is now another petition, can you believe, asking for a second referendum so that those people who voted LEAVE – can now vote STAY. Honestly, you couldn’t make it up. I think its the beginning of the end of the EU. Many more will leave and it will crumble


      • What wacky times we live in. No matter which side of things you support, you gotta laugh! Look at what’s going on over here across the pond! Who would have ever believed this?


  4. well sadly it wont be me now. After yesterdays tragic events we thought it would be best to look further fiend, or nearer to home. Its all very sad…


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