Olives Ascolana: the queens of deep-fried dish!

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My mouth is watering already. Love these recipes.


18.Olive_lowA crispy golden ball, a juicy filling… today our post is all about one of the dishes most loved from Le Marche culinary tradition: the ‘Olives Ascolana’.
These stuffed olives owe their name to the town of Ascoli Piceno. They are made of in brine green olives, stuffed inside with a tender mix of meat.

zoom_48818529_grecheThe history of ‘Olives Ascolane’ is long…Even in ancient times, pickled olives (green and black) were considered as a very nutritious meal. In fact, the Roman soldiers always carried some in their saddlebags for the toughest moments.

Rich people in Rome, however, were looking for something more exclusive and loved the  taste of olives imported from Ascoli Piceno.
The quality of ‘Olives Ascolana’ was also appreciated by the Benedictines-Olivetan monks, while even the Pope Sixtus V had them sent to the Vatican.

Olives Ascolana has gained success and been loved in Italy and abroad, in the past as…

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4 thoughts on “Olives Ascolana: the queens of deep-fried dish!

  1. I read the original post and left a comment there too. Funnily enough, olives are one of those things like yogurt, coffee and marmalade that I used to hate as a kid and love now. 🙂


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