In the Rice Paddies

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Laboring Ladies Laboring Ladies

As I know very little about the cultivation of rice, I did a bit of research. What I found is that I know even less about it than before! Apparently, there are many methods of cultivation and many conditions required to produce it in. What I witnessed while on a hike in south India is one of the most primitive methods around; there is no machinery.  Bare hands are the tools. Each grain of rice is a separate plant. As you can see, it is back-breaking work.

All around are emerald-green fields in a checker board pattern.

Women and Egrets Women and Egrets

Plowing Plowing

The men plow the fields with the help of cattle whose presence attracts the egrets

 Women Working in the Rice Paddy
Women Working in the Rice Paddy

Rice is the staple of south India. The locals consume huge mountains of rice. It definitely got me to stop and wonder. The ways of old…

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8 thoughts on “In the Rice Paddies

  1. interesting! There was a thing on the radio caught my attention, about Tea growing, and why they grow it at high altitudes, like up mountains, that was interesting too!


  2. We grow rice all over Panama in the rainy season. Hand sewn and cut, and fresh is really delicious and healthy. The whole community comes together and all help each other out.

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