Learning English in India

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Having offered English Lessons in the UK; Canada; South Africa and New Zealand, we need a new location!   So we took inspiration from the education system that the British left around the world.  W…

Source: Learning English in India


4 thoughts on “Learning English in India

    • Oh well its partly your fault. I have been impressed by your and some other fellow Indian Blogger’s English and how although it isn’t your first language, you speak and write it ” better than what I do! LOL
      So I pitched it with our French Agent to sell it as a very British Immersion…and they love it! ( I blame you and your “perfect English!”) 🙂


  1. Now don’t go pouring cold water on this idea… I daresay the accent isn’t any harder to understand than someone from Newcastle or Glasgow! Looking for one of those lovely old fashioned schools where the pupils are diligent and polite and wear a school uniform. PS – Shouldn’t you be in bed! 🙂


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