Sunshine in the Hills and Christmas in the Sun

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There is an interesting exchange of thoughts on various Blogs here, but all with India in common.  I feel very uninformed to comment save for passing on information I have received through my family, which, as someone pointed out to me, would be loaded in favour of “The Brits” and how good we were to the Indian people.  Naturally, I would like to think that my family weren’t there to live” high on the hog” and were sent there with little choice as opposed to go and rape the land.  However, I guess the British Army have to take the blame, independently as soldiers and collectively as conquerors.    So, I will refrain from saying too much as told to me but merely offer the pictures by way of memories and possible social history and  interest……Therefore not offend other people be they Indians, which I can understand or ( some ) Americans, which I can not.!

So.. back to the banal pictures of life as a Colonial


The above one is taken at the Swimming Club.. the back of the picture says.. as much as  can make out..”Quetta…1942.  On our way to Paddy Gilmour.  More like an Officers Mess Day”   ( So who was Paddy Gilmour and what became of him?)  Quetta now in Pakistan, of course.

Christmas Day was celebrated as much as they could in the traditional British style.  There is a great picture of everyone in sun hats and parasols and Father Christmas sweating in traditional red coat and beard.  Sadly, I have been unable to download that so you will have to make do with the kids still waiting for him to arrive. All in their best clothes; sitting outside in the searing heat and still in Sunday best.   My father and his brother are  sitting on the sofa at the front of the picture.      Love those hats!!


….and finally, for all of the wayward thinking and actions by the Brits, thank God they did manage to overthrow the Japanese in Burma and elsewhere, otherwise this currency may still be in force today!!!!!

20160315_200846 (1)

These were the notes printed by the Japanese Government…similarly in Dutch East Indies and ….Oh ok, I’ll shut up now!


7 thoughts on “Sunshine in the Hills and Christmas in the Sun

  1. actually I made a crass comment. Having looked the picture was taken in 1942 – in the height of the War, so unless he had a weekend retreat in the Hills for his Leave Days.. unlikely. 🙂


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