Puri Beach Vendors

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wonderful stunning and vibrant colours of the photographs, but the local history is fascinating. I want to go….

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Balloon Vendor Balloon Vendor

A dense line of tourists along Sea Beach on Marine Drive in Puri huddle together on this crowded beach but they are domestic tourists, mostly from the state of West Bengal. Very few Western tourists visit Puri and those that do, seldom frequent this beach. Puri has miles of white sand beach but for the most part there is a dangerous under-tow. This small stretch of beach is relatively safe and delights its guests but few venture very far from the shore. The women here hardly ever put on a bathing suit, preferring to enjoy the breeze and the pleasures of a day at the shore on land. If they go in the water at all, it is usually in their sari or salwar-kameez. Consequently, the beach is one huge market-place, attracting a huge array of vendors. Some of these vendors have permanent spots with elaborate set-ups and…

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