Under the influence

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Have you noticed that when the SH1T hits the fan, people run.  I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Beryl since she got Pete the Llama drunk on the Boardwalk and left him half comatose and unable to make his way home.  I guess she is feeling pretty sheepish about the whole deal( sorry about the animal pun) .  Additionally she has got a puncture on her front offside tyre ( Americans, please notice the correct spelling of TYRE..ie you are not weary so it isn’t tire!) and continues to drive it.  When LM went over to tell her, she tossed her hair and said ” she knew” but as she was only using it on an very occasional basis and then only to go down to the Lurvies at the end of the road, she couldn’t see what difference it made.  So LM rescinded his offer of changing her tyre and left.  Beryl, being Beryl, ignored the warning and careered off up the road towards The Lurvies, convinced that if she only travelled .05 of a mile, she would be fine and would never need to change her tyre again.

I have also spent a lot of today down the A & E.  Having got rather good at riding the Pony, I started to do some tricks ( sadly not that kind and not for money) and enjoyed showing off in the School.  As the applause came for this old Tusher riding without stirrups and getting the horse to do a circle by only leaning the way I wanted him to go rather than with the reins, I got more and more flushed with success and the circle indeed got tighter and tighter. As we spiralled out of control, both pony and rider, I had felt myself start to slip off the saddle. I know it was going to be too late to do anything that could save my pride.  I don’t know why I didn’t grab the reins but I did grab the horses neck.  The situation only became worse…. because as I slid down his neck in the wasted hope of clinging on, he turned to face me.  His eyes locked with mine.  Whatever he was thinking was conveyed into ” Opps, are you slipping off after behaving like an absolute idiot. Well I am surprised!  Shall I stop?”  and as I slipped nearer the ground he gave a little shake to complete my downfall and off I went and hit the ground with quite a thump.

” She’s ok… she’s just banged her head” but the bang was quite hard and along with that knock was the knock to my pride. Additionally I have torn my rather splendid Napoleonic blue jodphurs… so they will need a stich or four! 

Who was it who said ” vanity be thy downfall…” and as I negotiate very gingerly my way home, I vow to take more care of my tender age and not show off in public again.

More Gin anyone? 



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