Afghan Border

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22 thoughts on “Afghan Border

    • Oh, I see, we’re playing hide ‘n seek are we? – you posting answers in dark little corners that I have to come and find. Tsk.


      • You ya looney bitch! You replied to me on *checks the details* March 6th. at 7.10 p.m. but outside of the thread. This is sheer madness! I don’t live here you know! I have a thing called a ‘Notifications area’ which is like my mailbox. Ya feel me, or d’ya want it all in pictures?


      • I have replied on your correct page, as instructed but apparently its awaiting moderation. How long does it take you to read 3 lines?

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      • ‘ang on, there ain’t no ‘correct page’ *good grief, what’ve I got here?* – ya says yer stuff ‘ere but gotta dunnit proper, in the right fred, like wot ya is nah at bleedin’ last. So, wot grub we ‘avin?


      • why have you changed from being a pseudo intellectual to an illiterate yobbo? ( I paraphrase or typecast all the time, don’t ya know.) and please can you moderate my comment on your Blob (!) before I go to bed. I have to get up early to make all my millions…

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      • Oooh! – Get her – “an illiterate yobbo”, says Little Miss I-Only-Ever-Shop-In-Waitrose. Guess who’s not getting any of my organic Florentines!


      • let me tell you… I shop in Lidl… but please keep it to yourself. Although I do have my vege from Abel and Cole… does that mean I can join The Team?

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  1. No I was asking if you were hungry because you seem somewhat terse. I am trying to find your notifications box to write to you so that I don’t incur your wrath. I have posted somewhere else.. have you found it? Where shall I reply to… I hate to offend. Ever so humble… the little woman


    • Take no notice of me; I’m mental. No, the so-called ‘notifications area’ is simply that little icon at the top right-hand side of your WordPress page – the little speech bubble that lights up when things happen. When you reply to me here, as long as you do so in the same thread, then my bubble goes orange over at my place. 😮


  2. Physical? physical what? Everyone seems terribly intellectual and worthy on your site.. stick here and have a true cultural immersion


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