A city under siege

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To explain my last post, Rohtak was my surrogate home for over a decade. I went there in 1994, I did my MBBS and MS there. I experienced hostel life, made new friends and spent probably the best time of my life in that backward, deprived, filthy city. It wasn’t heaven, not by a long shot. But the distorting lens of time and my personal experiences still imbue that place with a golden halo. The reasons why the riots started and whether they are justified are long and complex and emotive.

For now it is just too painful to see places I knew so badly damaged, restaurants I ate in burned to the ground, roads I walked on covered with shattered glass and skeletons of vehicles. This was so near home; you literally walk out of the campus, turn left and you’re on this road. IMG-20160220-WA0017IMG-20160220-WA0029IMG-20160220-WA0067IMG-20160220-WA0075IMG-20160220-WA0012IMG-20160220-WA0026

It was a trigger for…

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5 thoughts on “A city under siege

  1. Never knew you spent ten years in Detroit! 🙂 Wow I can imagine how depressing that could be. Even going to my old hometown is depressing and it never went through anything like this


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