Having a bad day…..

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Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

Sir Winston Churchill    
British politician (1874 – 1965)

I would like to say he was or is one of my Heroes, but not sure if that is a popular thought to voice out loud nowadays.  Well, too late now, I have said it.    I had such an unsettled week at work that I lay awake at night ( most unlike me) and thought about giving it all up.  I thought about packing a case and going on a Road Trip.  I thought and thought…about running away!

And that, of course is why I cant sleep.  A few obstacles at work and I am ready to give up.  But aren’t there only so many mountains you can scramble up ?  So many flooded rivers you can brook and so many punctures you can mend?

This, my father tells me, is the consequence of “ be careful what you wish for!” . In other words when I set out with my business I grew it and grew it and then, one day for no reason other than its ” your time”… you hit a bump in the road.   Your slightly flushed with success and invincible mood is ambushed and your negative one takes hold.

Now its nothing terminal and I daresay come Monday I shall be back on the horse but sometimes, occasionally, you need to dismount and put the said horse back in the stable.  So today I have stayed in bed and vegetated.  I might not get up until lunchtime, or indeed until I am hungry at least.  I hope I can shift my mind set come Monday.


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6 thoughts on “Having a bad day…..

    • That’s just typical of you. Some smug response… and no help. I expected you to metaphorically mop my fevered brow and offer positive advice. Sadly no… its all about the cheap remarks… 😦


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