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Fascinating Blog and some brilliant photography… love the colours

Enchanted Forests

The King Cobra  ( Scientific name Ophipohagus Hannah) is highly revered in India .Celebrated in myths and legends they are worshipped on the day of Nag Panchmi.

Native to the Indian Sub Continent and  South East Asia it is the largest venomous snake on Planet Earth.

These colourful snake charmers were spotted at the Camel Fair in Pushkar. Keep an eye on the gentleman without the turban. Watch the bag across his shoulder. Do observe the King has his eye on him as well.

watch the man in the background The Snake Charmers

The Kind Cobra has wonderful eyesight and smelling capabilities. It is also equipped with a deadly venom, a neurotoxin which attacks the Central Nervous System.

Watch the man without a turban now adorns a bandanna and has set his bag on the sandy soil. The King has honed onto him and is all attention.

the basket is out of the bag The King carefully watches the…

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