After the dirt of the day….

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great after a heavy energy sapping day

as one of my fellow bloggers said…


Wash the dirt of the day away

sit quietly for ten minutes

relax – listen to this

and then sleep like a baby!


8 thoughts on “After the dirt of the day….

    • Dr. H
      Now that’s NOT the spirit and somewhat small minded if I may say…
      Especially as it was your mate who suggested it, so take it up with Kah Choon as it was his recommendation
      Also, point of order, shouldn’t that be ” I BECOME MORE TENSE?” Just saying, I know what a pedant you are!!!
      ( ps I cant find a smiley face so you cant have one!)

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      • My mind is too restless to start with anything that long… I know it doesn’t reflect well on me to say so…
        Tenser is a valid enough adjective, so the grammar nazi in me can breathe easy. Kahchoon must have had his reasons, I prefer shorter segments though. 😀
        Now you have smileys!


  1. In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, Tenser is an archmage who actively seeks to rid the Flanaess of evil. Tenser is a former member of both the Citadel of Eight and the Circle of Eight.


    • It was recommended to me by another Blogger, who has since recommended a second. I have to say it puts me in a mellow mood at home, which I love. For work.. I like silence!!
      BTW am trying very hard to follow your advice re smartening myself up. I loved reading your tips. So thank you back to you!


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