Napier Shazza’s Potato Bake

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About 1kg of cooked and chopped potatoes… you can also slice them should you wish

3 hard boiled eggs duly sliced ( not a deal breaker but nice all the same)

1 cup of breadcrumbs ( golden or be a Diva and do them yourself from wholemeal bread)

1 tsp of butter… real butter… to mix the breadcrumbs together with

Make your sauce first…..

50gms butter

3 slices bacon or salami or chorizo ( something with flavour)

1 large onion

Cook all the above together in a saucepan. Cook – don’t brown!

then add; 4 tbsp. flour to thicken together with 1 tsp mustard to give it the tiniest of kicks

salt; pepper and paprika to taste.

then add 2 cups of milk, slowly so that it doesn’t curdle or go lumpy

when duly thickened add half a cup of cheese.  This should be quite strong or you can liven it up with a few chunks of blue cheese to it.

And to finish….

Place your sliced or chopped potatoes in an ovenproof dish.  Layer them and then add the sliced eggs ( either in between or just on top)….then your buttered/mixed breadcrumbs and finally a light dusting of cheese or, as I said before, some blue cheese grated on the top

( Blue cheese on the top goes well with the bacon or salami and gives it a rather nice salty taste)

Pop in oven – 180 c for about 30 minutes…

Serve with whatever or whoever you fancy……


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