Walking Llamas on the Beach

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I tried to take Petronella for a walk on the beach on Sunday.  She /He wasnt having any of it and not only pooped on three occasions and got me told off by the Pooh Police ( I only brought one bag with me and he filled that up first time around)  but continued to be anti social and dig his cloven hooves into the stones on a regular basis so I didnt make good time or indeed cover any distanceYou may think its a bit of one up man ship taking a Llama for a walk along the beach but I can assure you I am not alone.  When its low tied there are a couple of other people doing the self same thing and walking them along the tide line.  Of course the one I have doesn’t like water and continues to spit and dig its heels in when I try to lead it down there.   What do they say ” you can take a Llama to the Shore line but you cant make it jump the waves?”   KISSING LLAMAS XD by Kay-linn

We also have  a problem with vandalism and as I said before he has started to chew the top off the fences.  Worse he has taken to chewing the shrubbery from next door and their rather beautiful mountain ash has been reduced on one side ( my side ) to a rather forlorn sapling – without much sap.  It wont be long before he finds out and knocks my door and I am rather dreading that day

So I thought about the options and reckoned he/she needed a mate and so Milly comes tomorrow.  I know Milly is a girl because apparently she looks different to Petronella who, its has now been confirmed, is a male and so we have decided to call her Pet (e) for short.    I am hoping that when Milly comes the behaviour generally will improve and also the pair of them will get around to cutting, or rather eating the grass, which in places has now become very tufty and is starting to resemble a meadow.  It is also hoped that Pete will give up the habit of flicking the back door open with his teeth and just wandering in.   I am now forced to lock the inner kitchen door just in case he decided to leave a calling card on my Aubusson rugs.  Also he has now found out that if the back door is locked he can kneel down and poke his head through the dog flap

He did this initially in the late evening before he was put away for the night.  Mohamed was idly stirring something Middle Eastern on the hob when all of a sudden I heard a scream.  Rushing in in case he had seen off an attacker, I was amazed to see Mohamed with a broom trying to push Pete’s head out of the dog flap and Pete trying to eat said broom as quickly as he could.   It took all of ten minutes for Mohamed to stop yelling and shouting some Arabic curse at Pete and for Pete’s head to be coerced out of the dog flap 

Mohamed again looked at me and asked if he was a big sheep.  I said again ” No, he isnt” because if for one minute he thought it was lamb in drag, then he would be slaughtered and thrown on the BBQ quicker than you and I can shout ” No rucksacks in here please!”  :chuckle:

I am off to my bed now and hopefully the arrival of Milly will calm things down in the Male Quarter – not only out in the stable, but here at Crew Control   x-f


be sure to see more super photos of Llamas – follow this link






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