Keeping Chickens with a Llama for Good Luck

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The Arab 3 Day war seems to be over downstairs between my trainee Pilot Lodgers and its been like that for a few days. All calm on the Eastern Front!  Cant say that I am not relieved.  I know its the pressure of all that studying to be a Pilot, but I dont like the way they learn it.        All by rote which means its only memorised, not really understood.  ….. ” everything is ready, Captain” takes on a whole new meaning.  :help:

Additionally Number 2 Son has returned from Cornwall.  Its all TFD at the moment and I had forgotten how untidy he was. He also seems to have become nocturnal so I smell dinner cooking in the middle of the night and become confused.  Thankfully Son, Number 3 is overjoyed to have his older brother back so I am happy to leave them bonding, even if it is Midnight Feasts in the sitting room at 3am in the morning.  Mental note made to check the Smoke Detectors are working

I have also acquired a Llama for the back garden.  Its called Petronella for no other reason than I like the name and I couldnt call my daughter it on account of having 3 sons.  Petronella was bought to keep the grass short as no one has time in the summer to cut it.  I have heard that they are great grass cutters so I went and bought one.  I also had a shed erected with lots of hay as her home, but she wasnt having any of it and keeps trying to break in through the back door.  She is pretty clever, having already worked out that she can drop the door handle by nudging it with her nose and it will open.  Yesterday I came home to find her drinking from the sink, which gave me a fit as I had thrown some bleach down it earlier that day.  When I tried to turn her around and lead her outside, she snorted at me and covered me in snot.  She doesnt like her lead either and refuses to be pushed anywhere.  Also even if she is good at grass cutting by chomping merrily away, then the downside is, that I am getting far too much manure for the roses……  >b<

I am, however, pleased to report that the chickens arent as much bother.  If nothing else, they remain the only ones around here who do get laid! 

The Arabs dont like the thought of animals in the house *( join the queue lads, neither do I!) and have asked if I am feeding her to kill her.  I gave them a sharp look and said she was the equivalent of a family friendly lawn mower and said she was also erring on the side of the Pork family, so he didnt think of barbequeing her one day when my back was turned

It certainly has caused quite a stir with the neighbours as well and Beryl has decided that she might get one also.  I am not sure why she thinks this would be a good idea as her front is all paved and the back decked, so where on earth the Llama will eat the grass is beyond me.  On  the other hand, she might think they are something of a Style Statement, especially if she can get one in a different colour to all the others.

Frankly, with the week I have had, I am beginning to think that not only are Beryl’s comings and goings beyond me,

but life itself………….. 


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