Its all about the Base – No Worries…

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Went down to see The Luvvies today.  I had made a faux pas with the Onion Soup and I knew they would be able to bail me out. I had a few Peeps coming over for supper that night and needed a Veggie Option.!

Was surprised to see them both in face masks and wondered if I had missed anything?   They didn’t say anything out of the ordinary when I went in ( well they don’t normally ! Ordinary is, as Ordinary does) and I didn’t venture to ask, but I have to say it was all rather odd asking someone if they had 4 large onions when they have a surgical mask over a large proportion of their face.

Interestingly, Mrs Luvvie had pulled her hair back for a change so I guess that added to the hygiene element because patently they were both dressed to either do open heart surgery on a cauliflower or it was a rather elaborate part of dressing up for games after ” Lights Out“.  Either way I thought it better not to venture

I digress…..

The dinner party tonight was going to be interesting.  Not only had I invited the Serial Shagger again ( who was without his Squeeze) but also the lady from the Guardian who last time fell asleep mid sentence due to the fact that she had imbibed rather too much vino on an empty stomach.   The Agent provocateur that night was going to be Michael who puts himself down as an Academic but is still doing his doctorate about thirty years after having started it.  Adding an element of  intrigue I guess when he first meets people  ” Oh I am in the middle of my doctorate ” and he waves his hand above his head in an ethereal fashion ……

It was going to be an evening of sparks and definitely flames because the other guests are all pseudo intellectuals or Bi-Polars which meant the evening would either be a ball of fun or a bucket of cold water.  Always interesting to see which way it will pan out

Mary, our new friend who has been invited to the Inner Circle was coming with Clive.  She took a shine to him at the Literary Lunch last week, after finding out that he and I were NOT married,  and consequently hit on him in a rather unseemly manner.  Clive however was alternately tossed being feeling cornered and flattered, but it matter not a jot as Clive isn’t interested in ladies however beguiling they feel they are and so I was happy to sit back and watch.  Even when she realised she wasn’t going to make any breakthrough she kept on going and probably is putting this down to her Buddhist Teachings ( be patient, Crouching Tiger).  As in ” have faith and you will get what you want“… only Clive may NOT be what she wants…. Let’s see….


Meanwhile my Lovely Man was out mixing concrete with his ” rented by the hour” Cement Mixer for his new Nest at the end of the garden.  I did warn him that although his new shed was rather large and yes, a substantial base was required, one that necessitated me having a hand rail to pull myself up on was rather ” over egging it”.  However, being a man who knows his own mind and having an element of stubbornness in him from time to time, he listened not and whilst I was again chopping up onions for said concoction that  evening he was mixing with a maniacal desire and the base was already 2 foot above the grass. The way he was going we were going to need a rope ladder to ascend it.. but maybe that was his point .  Definitely a case of ” repel all boarders ” or ” if you aren’t on the list, you re not coming in!”

Fast Forward to Tiffin Time….A few hours later he was still mixing and laying.  The light was fading.  I stumbled over the garden and the debris.  I didn’t know where I was standing when I gently reminded him of the time .  Then it happened.  The squelch.  The suction.  The silence.  A pair of rather enchanting Gina Mules were now encased in wet and grainy concrete.   We looked at each other……

As they say in polite circles ” its not going very well, is it?”

Until next time……


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